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Porcelain Veneers, Bleaching

porcelain veneers in Chennai

What is dental veneers:

Dental veneers or laminates or customised, thin shell like materials designed to bond to the front surface of  tooth which is used in smile makeover.


Types of dental veneers:

  1. Procelain veneers
  2. Composite veneers


Porcelain dental veneers:


* Misaligned teeth/crooked teeth

* Discoloured teeth : fluorosis, trauma, after root canal, decay, drug stains

* chipped or broken teeth

* worn out teeth


porcelain dental veneers in chennai


Steps in making procelain veneers:

  • Diagnosis and treatment planning : complete clinical examination and digital documentation( digital photographs, digital xrays, digital impression)
  • Preparation of teeth : small amount of enamel is trimmed to the thickness of veneer
  • Recording digital impression of prepared tooth
  • Temporary teeth will be given till the lab make the veneers
  • Cementation of veneer to the tooth surface
  • Bite evaluation
  • Followup


Disadvantages of procelain veneers:

* Irreversible process

* Expensive than resin veneers

* Not repairable when it chipped or breaks


Contraindications of porcelain veneers:

* Severely damaged teeth and severe gum infection

* Excessive space between teeth

* Severely malaligned teeth

* Inadequate amount of enamel

* People having bruxism (teeth clenching or grinding)


Cost of porcelain veneers:

Cost of procelain veneers in India, chennai is not only depends on number of teeth but also relies on quality of materials used and experience of dentist performing the treatment.

Cost of porcelain veneer for single tooth: 12,000 INR


To know about composite veneers CLICK HERE




Teeth whitening/Bleaching:

Every individual deserves a healthy and brighter smile. Teeth whitening or bleaching is a smile makeover procedure in which stains and discoloration are removed from tooth surface to get an enhanced appearance and smile.


Causes of teeth discoloration:

  • Tobacco use
  • More intake of coffee, tea, aerated drinks
  • Fluorosis
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Worn out teeth 
    Types of teeth bleaching:
  • 1. Home bleaching
  • 2. In office bleaching


  1. Home bleaching: Bleaching gel is applied on a transparent snug fit tray and placed on teeth surface. It can be done while sleeping. The duration may extend from 1 – 2 weeks
  2. In office bleaching: It produces immediate results. Bleaching gel is applied on tooth surface and activated by laser light. One or more applications may be required depends on every individual need.


Mild gum irritation and sensitivity after bleaching for 1 -3 days.


Cost of teeth whitening/Bleaching:

Cost of teeth whitening and bleaching in chennai depends on extent and severity of discoloration and individual need.


teeth whitening treatment in chennai

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