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Root Canal Treatment

What is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is used to save the tooth in which the decay has spread into the deeper layers of teeth called pup(living tissue which contains blood vessel and nerves).


When root canal treatment is needed?

  • Tooth ache: it can be sharp, dull, acute or continuous pain depends upon severity
  • Tooth pain while chewing and when upper and lower teeth contacts
  • Severe tooth pain in night
  • Sensitivity to hot foods
  • Pain on food accumulation and avoiding the side of chewing
  • Swelling in the gums near the root end
  • Fracture of teeth
  • Radiating pain to head and ears


tooth ache and headache



Steps in root canal treatment:

  • local anesthesia will be given for teeth to be root canal treated.
  • Complete removal of decay and infection from root end using special instruments
  • Root canals are cleaned and irrigated with medicines
  • Medication is kept inside the canal till the root end and sealed
  • Post inserted if the loss of tooth structure is more to support the crown
  • Crown is placed for better chewing ability and to avoid the future fracture of tooth


root canal treatment in chennai


Will the root canal treatment is painful:

No. You will be given local anesthesia to make the tooth numb. Painless anestheisa can be given through STA(computer controlled local anesthetic delivery system) which makes the anesthetic procedure more comfortable.


How many visits do I have to come for root canal treatment:

* Root canal treatment in chennai can be completed in single visit with advancements in techniques and materials used. In our best laser team root canal treatments are done by root canal specialist(endodontist) .


Do I need crown after root canal treatment:

After the root canal treatment a permanent filling will be given over the tooth, but still the tooth will be in a brittle stage to withstand the heavy chewing forces. It may break at any time. Dental Crown is mandatory after root canal treatment for better chewing efficiency and to prevent the tooth from fracture and further infection.


How long does a root canal treatment will last:

* Root canal treatment and crown if properly done and maintained regularly will lasts for many years

* Root canal treatment is to extent the life of tooth from being extracted, not to save the tooth permanently


Laser root canal treatment:

  • Using dental diode laser to clean the infected root canals
  • The laser beam melts the infected bacteria and debris and sterilise the root canals till root end
  • It cleans the root canals thoroughly than conventional root canal methods


Treatment video:

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