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FAQ for clear aligners

What is clear aligners/Invisible braces?

Clear aligners or invisible braces are transparent, removable, customized and plastic form of ortho braces which is not easily noticeable. It is the latest alternative for regular metal braces.


How does invisible braces works?

By using digital 3D technology a custom made plastic trays are designed. These trays are to be worn for about 2 weeks and replaced by next set of trays to achieve the desired tooth movement and alignment.

What are the advantages of clear aligners/ Invisible braces?

  • Highly esthetics
  • CAD-CAM designed predictable better results
  • Final treatment outcome can be visualised before starting the treatment
  • NO pain/no brackets/no wires, no metal smile with metal braces
  • No food restriction, you can remove clear aligners while eating and enjoy your foods
  •  Multiple monthly appointments avoided
  • Will not disturb your speech

Will the treatment with clear aligners painful?

In the beginning of each new tray you may have feel pressure for few days which is the sign of teeth movement.

What is the duration for clear aligner?

  • We can achieve faster results in invisible braces when compared to regular braces
  • Clear aligners duration depends on complexity of teeth alignment and number of clear aligners required
  • Average treatment duration 8 – 14 months
  • Clear aligners to be wear 22 hours a day for two weeks, it may vary depends on individual teeth alignment and teeth movement

Any food restriction while wearing clear aligners?

Unlike conventional fixed braces, you can remove clear aligners while eating. No restrictions for your favourite foods and drinks. But make sure you clean your teeth and clear aligner every time before reinserting.

How frequently do I have to visit the dentist?

You can visit your dentist once in 4 – 6 months to make sure the teeth alignment is progressing in the way as we planned priorly.

What is the cost of clear aligner in India, Chennai?

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