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Gum Bleeding

Is your gum bleeds while brushing/Eating?


bleeding gums treatment

What causes bleeding gums?

*Inadequate oral hygiene maintenance:

Plaque is a layer of food debris forming over the tooth surface, if it is not cleaned by rinsing or proper brushing plaque become hardens to form calculus. Gums are getting inflamed and irritated by this deposits. The calculus which is forming around the gum line makes the tooth to bleed.

*Other causes:

– Improper technique of brushing(hard brushing) and flossing

– Bleeding gums during pregnancy


Why to treat gum bleeding?

Gum bleeding is a painless condition and this is the primary symptom of gum disease(gingivitis). If left untreated it will cause irreversible damage to your gums and teeth. So it is important not to ignore your gum bleeding.


Treatment for gum disease:

– Dental tooth cleaning

Proper oral hygiene maintenance and care

– Taking vitamin C and vitamin k rich foods

– Laser gum treatment may be needed if the infection is severe


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