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What is clear aligners?

clear aligners in Chennai, India


                Clear aligners are transparent, customised, plastic form of ortho braces which is not easily noticeable. It is the latest alternative for regular metal braces. If you are one of popular celebrity or people who is having tight busy schedule then clear aligners are the ideal choice to get a beautiful smile you want. You can enjoy your daily social life without being bothered about metal braces and frequent dental appointments.



Steps for clear aligners:

  • Complete clinical evaluvation and digital documentation ( digital photographs, digital impression and digital x-rays)
  • CAD-CAM processing of digital records by lab
  • Treatment plan discussion with final treatment outcome photos which is designed by lab
  • Delivery of clear aligner trays

invisible braces treatment in Chenna

Advantages of clear aligners:

  • Highly esthetics
  • CAD-CAM designed predictable better results
  • Final treatment outcome can be visualised before starting the tratment
  • NO pain/no brackets/no wires, no metal smile with metal braces
  • No food restriction, you can remove clear aligners while eating and enjoy your foods
  • No need for multiple monthly appointments
  • Will not disturb your speech

Duration of clear aligners:

  • We can achieve faster results compared to regular braces
  • Clear aligners duration depends on complexity of teeth alignment and number of clear aligners required
  • Average treatment duration 8 – 14 months
  • Clear aligners to be wear 22 hours a day for two weeks, it may vary depends on individual teeth alignment and teeth movement



Cost of invisible braces in Chennai:

*  Cost of invisible braces in chennai depends on level of treatment difficulty and number of aligners required.

* Cost of clear aligners extend from 1,30,000 – 1,60,000 INR



How can I maintain Invisible braces:

* Clean your clear aligners before use with water and soap

* Do not use hot water or paste

* When not using keep it in a box safely

* You can remove clear aligners when eating

clear aligners ortho treatment in Chennai


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