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Digital impression

digital dental impression in chennai


                   Dental impressions are routine procedure in everyday dentistry to make crowns, bridges, fixed and removable dentures, splints, inlays, onlays and veneers.

                  Digital dental impressions are promising technology in digital dentistry that creates exact replica of hard and soft tissue of mouth using optical scanner device called Intra oral scanner. The first commercially available digital dental impression system for use in the field of dentistry was introduced in 1980.


Digital impression with Intra oral scanner:

Intra oral scanners are used in dentistry to record direct optical impressions. It works by using the visible blue light projected from the tip of the scanner which is connected with camera. The wand is moved over the surface of the tooth to be recorded. It collects data and manipulates in system to produces digital 3D model of patients teeth.

It makes dental impression a more pleasant experience to patients compared to conventional impression methods which involves impression trays and gopy materials. We best laser dental clinic in India, Chennai using digital intraoral scanner routinely for our patients majorly in treatment planning for dental implants, smile designing and for designing crowns and bridges of implants and root canal treatment.


Conventional dental impression:

alginate dental impression


Digital dental impression:

digital dental impression in chennai



Benefits of digital impression:

  • Digital accuracy, time efficiency
  • Simplified clinical procedures
  • Reduces manual errors
  • More comfortable and less anxious to patients
  • Can be used patients with severe gag reflex
  • Digital scans can be magnify to evaluate the details, any mistakes can be corrected immediately within seconds by re-scanning.
  • Better communication with patient and lab
  • Improved treatment acceptance


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