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From No Teeth To Fixed Teeth In Just 3 Days

Is it possible to get full set of new teeth in 3 days..?

 Yes ..

With advancements in  dental implantology it is possible to get full set of upper and lower teeth in 3-4 days..

This technique is called as “Immediate loading”.


How we are doing this?

– We are using single piece implants which can be loaded (teeth fixing)immediately and fixed teeth(not removable) can be given in 3-4 days.

– No need to wait for 3-6 months for osseointegration like conventional methods, it works by the principle of


– No chance for periimimplantitis( infection around implant) as it is a smooth surface implants, whereas

conventional two piece implants are rough surface implants

– These implants can be placed immediately after extraction

– Absolutely safe for diabetic and smoking patients

– New fixed teeth can be given even for less bone or no bone situations

– Flapless keyhole technique which ensures more patients comfort and faster healing


immediate teeth replacement in chennai, India

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