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Composite Smile Designing

front teeth filling in Chennai


Composites are tooth color filling materials used to match the color of your natural teeth. It is a non invasive technique used in digital smile designing to enhance smile.



  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • Midline diastema
  • To close space between teeth
  • To change color, size and reshaping of teeth for aesthetic concerns
  • Cavities or hole in teeth
  • To replace old silver amalgam restorations


 Advantages of composite filling:

*  Non invasive

* Tooth structure is preserved(crowns and bridges needs tooth reduction)

* Single visit for treatment and one visit for polishing

* Budget friendly


How long does a composite filling last?

The longevity of composite filling depends on proper oral hygiene maintenance and care

The minimum life of composite materials are 3- 5 years


Disadvantages of composite:

* Strength is not as hard as other filling materials

* It may chip if biting hard foods

* Become stained from more intake of coffee, tea or tobacco



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