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Dental restoration:

Dental restoration or dental fillings are artificial materials that used to reshape your teeth which are lost by tooth decay. Dental fillings are also used to repair broken or cracked tooth. By closing the cavity and creating a seal dental fillings are used to prevent future decays and spreading of cavities to the adjacent normal teeth.


tooth filling in chennai

When tooth filling is needed?

– Brown or black discolouration of tooth with pits and cavities

– Sensitivity while taking sweets, cold and hot foods

– Food getting stuck between teeth

– Caries involving enamel and dentin needs dental restoration

– Based on clinical and radiographic examination your dentist will determine whether you need a filling, depending on the extent and severity of tooth decay’


Steps in tooh filling:

  • Removal of caries using air abrasion instrument
  • After removal of decay completely the tooth is cleaned to remove bacterias and debris
  • Tooth coloured filling material (composite) is added in layers
  • Final finishing by removing the excess materials and polishing


Will I feel pain during filling procedure:

No. You will not feel any pain during filling. If the decay is deeper you may feel mild sensitivity while removing the decay alone.


Materials used for tooth filling:

Available materials:

We best laser team using composite tooth color filling materials for almost all our patients which provides better functional aesthetic results. Many patients also preferring composite filling than other silver fillings.


When to replace dental restoration:

– Dental fillings can last for 5 years or more depends on proper care and oral hygiene maintenance of patients

– Tooth filling can wear out over years of chewing

– Visit your dentist once in 6 months or once in a year for checkup

– If any crack or fracture of filling visit your dentist immediately to get replacement of tooth filling


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