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Basal cortical dental implant

      basal dental implants for fixed teeth in India

What are basal implants?

         Basal dental implants are single piece dental implants which anchored in the basal cortical bone of upper and lower jaw for retention. Basal implants also known as ‘cortical or bicortical implants’ and ‘strategic implants’. This basal implants are specially designed to use for less bone or bone situations and where the conventional dental implants are cannot be placed.


teeth replacement with dental implants in India

             Today sinus lift  and bone augmentation are time and money consuming procedure. Basal dental implants are highly indicated for who are in the need of sinus lift and bone grafting. The basal bone which is almost and always present for everyone is resistant to resorption and infection which can take the biting forces evenly and immediately. So we can able to fix the bridges immediately to splint the implants. And fixed teeth also can be given in 3-4 days.


avoid sinus lift and bone graft for fixed teeth in India


Advantages of basal implants:

  • It an be placed immediately after extraction
  • Immediate loading – fixed teeth can be given in 3- 4 days
  • No need for extensive and expensive sinus lifts and bone grafting
  • Avoidance of additional surgical risks
  • Enhanced appearance
  • Improved chewing efficiency
  • Smooth surface – no risk of periimplantitis(infection around dental implant)
  • High success rate even for patients with diabetes, severe gum infection and for smokers
  • Cost and time saving


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