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Zirconia crowns and bridges

zirconia crowns and bridges in India,Chennai

When choosing material for dental restorations everyone opt of non metal crowns and expecting natural long lasting results.

                          Zirconia dental crowns and bridges are tooth shaped , custom made highly esthetic caps designed to strengthen the damaged, decay or discoloured tooth which can improve function. Zirconia crowns can also be used in smile designing to modify the tooth colour and shape  to enhance appearance. There are different type of materials which can be used in dentistry to make a crow out of which zirconia

                          A crown must be strong enough to withstand the biting and chewing forces. The choice of material for crown have great impact on its long term success.  The esthetics, strength and biocompatibility of zirconia makes it a viable, long term solution for dental restoration in India, Chennai.

zirconia crown in india, chennai



Benefits of zirconia crowns and bridges:

  • Long term durability:

– Corrosion resistant, can last more than a decade

– Zirconia crowns and bridges are made of non porous material

– 200 percent stronger than other materials like porcelain and metal


  • Looks and feels like natural teeth

– Smooth white translucent surface with hard texture makes zirconia to look more like natural teeth and highly esthetic


  • Non metallic

– Zirconia crowns are completely metal free

– It does not conduct heat or electricity


  • Biocompatible

– Greatly biocompatible

– No risk of allergy or rejection with human body


  • Conservative treatment

– Only minimal tooth reduction is required thereby preserves remaining natural tooth structure


Zirconia crown in one day:

The development of CAD/CAM technology over conventional laboratory methods provides excellent speed and accuracy for dental restorations.

Digital impression of your teeth will be recorded using intraoral scanner. Zirconia crown will be designed and milled by lab using digital CAD/CAM method. Final finished and polished zirconia crown can be fixed on the next day of measurement(in one day).

                                Digital impression of root canal treated tooth(second premolar) for zirconia crown

digital impression in India, Chennai

digital impression for zirconia crown in India, Chennai

           Zirconia crown fixed in one day
zirconia crown and bridge in India, Chennai


Cost of zirconia crown:

The cost of zirconia crown in India, Chennai depends of quality of materials and technologies used. The price become more affordable nowadays.


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