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FAQ’s for dental implant

1. What are dental implants?

Dental implants are artificial roots made of titanium used to replace your missing or damaged one or more teeth or the entire teeth set.


2. In what type of material is dental implant made of?

Basal dental implants are made 0f pure titanium.


3.What is basal implant and what is conventional dental implant and what is the advantage of basal dental implant over conventional dental implant?

Basal dental implant: Single piece, smooth surface dental implant that can be placed immediately after tooth extraction(tooth removal) and fixed teeth can be given in 3-4 days.

Conventional dental implant:Two piece, rough surface implant in which implant is placed after 3 months of tooth removal and teeth fixing requires another 3-6 months for the implants to heal.


4. What is immediate loading?

Immediate loading is prosthetic loading(teeth fixing) of dental implant within the first week of dental implant placement. Immediate loading results in better success, survival rates and functional efficiency(chewing) comparable to conventional dental implant.


5.How dental implants are better than removable dentures?

  • you will get fixed teeth that will look and feel like your natural teeth
  • improved chewing efficiency
  • improved self esteem and clear speech
  • better oral hygiene
  • preserves remaining bone quantity and quality

6.My removable dentures are loose and my dentist told that I’m having very less bone and need bone grafts and sinus lifts for implants, can i get dental implants without bone grafting and sinus lifting?

Strategic basal implants are inserted in cortical bone(stable bone) which is almost and always present for most of the individuals. So basal implants can be placed in less bone or no bone situations with predictable results and thereby avoiding the need for extensive bone grafting and sinus lifting procedures.


7. How long will it take for replacing complete upper and lower teeth?

For replacing complete upper and lower teeth it will take 3-4 days.


8. Can i get fixed teeth with dental implant for my front tooth in one day?

Yes! single or multiple front teeth implant can be placed and fixed teeth can be given on same day of treatment


9.Is dental implants are safe for diabetic and smokers?

Basal dental implants are absolutely safe for patients with diabetes, severe gum infection and for smokers.  Since the basal implants are smooth surface and there is no risk of periimplantitis(infection around implant), we can achieve desired and predictable results.


10.Is general anesthesia is needed for dental implant treatment?

Local anestheisa is will be sufficient for replacing single, multiple or complete upper and lower teeth. However if you prefer to be treated under sedation(intravenous conscious sedation), it is also possible with an anesthesiologist.


11. Is dental implant procedure will be painful?

You will be given adequate anestheisa, so that you will not feel any pain during the procedure.


12.Is the dental injection will be painful?

No! we are using computer controlled local anesthetic delivery system called STA(single tooth anesthesia) to give our patients a painless pleasant experience during the anesthetic procedure.


13.Can we place dental implants immediately after extraction?

Yes! It is a preferred method also. Placing dental implants immediately after extraction preserves the bone height and width. No need for multiple surgeries, multiple medications and avoids the need for multiple visits.


14.How long do i have to take rest after dental implants?

Recovery after dental implant varies for every individuals, most people returns to their routine life in 24 hours.

Post implant healing depends on,

* Number of dental implants

* Number of teeth extractions

* Individual healing time and differences


15. What is the cost of dental implants?

Basal dental implants are more budget friendly and safer than conventional dental implants. It eliminates the need of bone grafting and sinus lifting which makes the procedure really expensive.


16. What are the disadvantages of dental implant?

* There is a chance of 2% implant failure, which can be corrected immediately in basal implants

* Expensive than conventional removable denture  option


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