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Quad zygoma

Insufficient bone are no longer a hinderance for getting a natural and beautiful smile!!


quad zygoma dental implants in India,Chennai


Zygomatic dental implants are longer standard dental implants which gets support from cheekbones to achieve multi cortical anchorage. This method is indicated when the amount of bone is insufficient in upper jaw to provide immediate teeth replacement with fixed teeth.

What is Quad zygoma:

Placing 2 zygomatic dental implants on each side of jaw referred as ‘Quad zygoma’. This avoids the need for traditional extensive and expensive methods like bone grafting and sinus lifting.

Am I a candidate for Quad zygoma:

  • Completely missing upper teeth
  • Shaking teeth in upper jaw
  • Severe bone loss
  • Patients wearing loose, ill fitting dentures

quad zygoma dental implants in India,Chennai

Benefits of quad zygoma dental implants:

* Immediate fixed teeth

* Enhanced appearance and smile

* Graft less technique

* Less invasive surgical procedure

* Can be done in less bone or no bone situations

* Predictable results

* Faster healing compared to bone grafting


How Quad zygoma implants done?

  • Complete clinical examination
  • Digital documentation
  • Customised treatment planning
  • Implant placement
  • Fixed teeth fixing on 3rd day of implant treatment

Cost of Quad zygoma dental implants:

Cost of Quad zygoma dental implants in India varies based on experience and expertise of surgeon, in house facilities, amount of bone present and individual needs.



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