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Zirconia dental implant

dental implants in India,Chennai

Zirconia dental implants in India,Chennai:

Titanium is the gold standard for oral dental implantology for decades. Rising demand for metal free reconstruction, high esthetics and incidence of titanium allergies has led to the proposal of zirconium implants.

Zirconium dental implants are currently trendy metal free, non allergic, single piece and a biologically inert material for tooth replacement.

zirconia dental implant in India,Chennai

Are you a candidate for zirconium dental implant:

Zirconium implant in India is the best alternative to conventional titanium dental implants in following situations:

  1. Titanium allergy (allergic reaction to titanium)
  2. Thin gingival biotype ( in highly esthetics areas when the gingival thickness is less the titanium implant can be seen through the gingiva as a darker shade)

cost of zirconia dental implants in India,Chennai

Advantages of zirconia dental implants:

  • High quality ceramic material which provides high esthetics
  • White in color replicates natural tooth
  • Ideal for people having thin gingival biotype
  • Precise attachment with soft tissues
  • Better ossesointegration
  • Single piece design ensures no bacterial growth around implant and improved gingival health
  • No corrosion reaction and no chemical reaction to gingiva

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