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Bio HPP (peek material)

peek material framework in India, Chennai


PEEK also known as Bio HPP is a permanent framework bio material used in dentistry recently for implant supported fixed restorations through the availability of CAD/CAM technology. PEEK is the high performance polymer, polyether etherketone (PEEK), first used in medical field for spinal fusion surgery over 15 years ago. It has an excellent bio mechanical bone like properties compared to other framework materials like titanium, cobalt chrome, zirconia, lithium disilicate and PMMA(acrylic) which are used in dentistry regularly.

Bio HPP  framework in India, Chennai


peek framework in India, Chennai

Advantages of PPEK material over conventional materials:

  • Bio material having bone like properties
  • Strong and resistant to repetitive cyclic loads
  • Light weight and slightly elastic  – Helps to dissipate the force
  • Young’s elastic modulus (4GPa) – allows sufficient stiffness and rigidity
  • Excellent flexural strength (120 MPa) – suitable for long term restorations
  • Cantilever design can be given upto 19mm length
  • Higher shock absorbing capacity than ceramics and metals which can be used for implant supported crowns and their material composition

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