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Single tooth dental implant

single tooth dental implant cost India

Missing or damaged front and back tooth can be immediately replaced by dental implant in India and fixed tooth can be given in 24 hours. Dental implant are the long term solution for tooth replacement which simulates your natural teeth.


Steps involved:

  • Complete clinical examination
  • Digital documentation(Xray- CBCT, OPG, Photographs)
  • Treatment plan discussion
  • Tooth extraction if needed
  • Immediate implant placement
  • Tooth measurement – Digital scanning
  • Next day tooth fixing
  • Checkup after a week


Benefits of single tooth replacement with dental implant:

  • Fixed teeth in single day
  • Natural looking smile
  • Chewing can be restored immediately.. no waiting time to enjoy your favourite foods
  • Discolored tooth and tooth with periapical infection can also be treated
  • Ideal for diabetic and smoking patients
  • No need to do root canal treatment and crown for adjacent natural tooth to support (bridge)
  • Less maintenance

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