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Tooth implant cost in Chennai

A 60years old female came to us with the complaint of multiple missing teeth in her upper jaw and broken teeth. She lost many of her teeth and couldn’t chew her food properly. She used to swallow her food all time. Not happy with her smile too. In this post we will see how she got a beautiful smile and fixed teeth without any pain in 3 days.


cost of full teeth replacement with dental implants in Chennai, India



On clinical examination:

  • Multiple missing back teeth
  • Broken and decayed teeth


full teeth implant cost in Chennai, India


full teeth implant cost in chennai, India

Medical history:

* Diabetic and under medication for 10 years


Treatment advice:

* Removal of damaged all upper teeth and replacement with dental implants

* Provisional teeth for 3-6 months

* To change into permanent after 6 months


Treatment done:

* Extraction of teeth under local anesthesia

* Placement of dental implants

* Teeth measurements taken

* Provisional teeth fixed on 3 rd of implant placement


full teeth replacement with dental implants in India




Tooth implant cost:

Dental implants cost in India depends on the amount and quality of bone available, the number of teeth to be replaced, number of implants needed, and state of the art facility in dental implant center.

Tooth implant cost in Chennai also depends on the experience and expertise of the dental implant team.


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