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Painless wisdom tooth removal in Chennai, India.

  • Wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth to erupt in the oral cavity.
  • They usually erupt between 17-25 years, however they can erupt even after 25 years.
  • Since this is the last tooth to erupt, usually there is no enough space in the mouth for this tooth to erupt.
  • So most of the time this tooth remains impacted and gives pain.
  • When there is pain or infection it is better to removal the wisdom tooth.

wisdom tooth

When to remove the wisdom tooth?

  • When there is severe pain near the wisdom tooth region, associated with head aches and ear pain.
  • Presence of an extra oral swelling.
  • Reduced mouth opening.
  • Presence of infection and inflammation around the wisdom tooth.
  • Decayed tooth, causing damage to the next healthy tooth.

Can wisdom tooth be removed without pain?

  • Yes, wisdom tooth can be removed without pain.
  • Many of us are worried about the pain during injection than the actual tooth removal, this is because most us have the phobia for injections.
  • Here at our clinic, we make sure that the entire procedure starting from anesthesia to tooth removal is completely painless.
  • We at best laser dental clinic, deliver the anesthesia using painless injection technique which is called the STA system.
  • Single tooth anesthesia(STA) system is a computer controlled local anesthetic delivery system.
  • It uses dynamic pressure sensing(DPS) technology.
  • Here at our clinic, Surgical tooth removal(impaction) is done using Piezo(electric device), which requires less or no removal of bone and the gums covering the tooth.
  • Hence the post operative bleeding, pain and swelling is greatly reduced.

Case presentation of a 23 years old patient:

  • A 23 year old female patient came to our clinic with a chief complaint of severe pain in her lower left side jaw since 3 days, she also had ear pain in the same side.
  • Patient added that she always bite her cheek while chewing in the left side.

On clinical examination:

  • Patient presented with partially erupted wisdom tooth(38) on her left side jaw.
  • Inflamed gums and irritated cheek tissues which turned which turned white due to continues trauma(biting)
  • Root stumps in 37 region

Before treatment picture and x-ray

wisdom teeth


wisdom tooth

Treatment plan:

  • surgical removal of 38(wisdom tooth) and extraction of 37

Treatment done:

  • Surgical removal of 38 under local anesthesia using STA system and piezo and ectraction of 37


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