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Full mouth replacement with dental implants in India, Chennai

Today, clinicians are seeing an increasing number of dentate patients where the dentition is terminal. Patients understand that maintaining a terminal dentition has consequences on the bone. In spite of the increasing number of edentulous or soon to be edentulous patients, there are still patients who refuse full mouth replacement with dental implants, because of the following reasons:

  1. Fear of pain and injections
  2. Multiple appointments and time consuming
  3. Unpredictable results
  4. Cost


Advantages of full mouth replacement in India with digital dentistry:

  1.  Painfree anesthesia .  – STA(computer controlled local anesthetic delivery system)
  2. More accurate and predictable results

– Digital xrays(OPG, CBCT)

– Guided surgery

– Digital impression

  3. Fixed teeth can e given in 3-4 visits

4. Affordable price


full mouth replacement with fixed teeth in India, Chennai


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