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Tooth implant cost in Chennai

A 60years old female came to us with the complaint of multiple missing teeth in her upper jaw and broken teeth. She lost many of her teeth and couldn’t chew her food properly. She used to swallow her food all time. Not happy with her smile too. In this post we will see how she got a beautiful smile and fixed teeth without any pain in 3 days.


cost of full teeth replacement with dental implants in Chennai, India



On clinical examination:

  • Multiple missing back teeth
  • Broken and decayed teeth


full teeth implant cost in Chennai, India


full teeth implant cost in chennai, India

Medical history:

* Diabetic and under medication for 10 years


Treatment advice:

* Removal of damaged all upper teeth and replacement with dental implants

* Provisional teeth for 3-6 months

* To change into permanent after 6 months


Treatment done:

* Extraction of teeth under local anesthesia

* Placement of dental implants

* Teeth measurements taken

* Provisional teeth fixed on 3 rd of implant placement


full teeth replacement with dental implants in India




Tooth implant cost:

Dental implants cost in India depends on the amount and quality of bone available, the number of teeth to be replaced, number of implants needed, and state of the art facility in dental implant center.

Tooth implant cost in Chennai also depends on the experience and expertise of the dental implant team.


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  • Wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth to erupt in the oral cavity.
  • They usually erupt between 17-25 years, however they can erupt even after 25 years.
  • Since this is the last tooth to erupt, usually there is no enough space in the mouth for this tooth to erupt.
  • So most of the time this tooth remains impacted and gives pain.
  • When there is pain or infection it is better to removal the wisdom tooth.

wisdom tooth

When to remove the wisdom tooth?

  • When there is severe pain near the wisdom tooth region, associated with head aches and ear pain.
  • Presence of an extra oral swelling.
  • Reduced mouth opening.
  • Presence of infection and inflammation around the wisdom tooth.
  • Decayed tooth, causing damage to the next healthy tooth.

Can wisdom tooth be removed without pain?

  • Yes, wisdom tooth can be removed without pain.
  • Many of us are worried about the pain during injection than the actual tooth removal, this is because most us have the phobia for injections.
  • Here at our clinic, we make sure that the entire procedure starting from anesthesia to tooth removal is completely painless.
  • We at best laser dental clinic, deliver the anesthesia using painless injection technique which is called the STA system.
  • Single tooth anesthesia(STA) system is a computer controlled local anesthetic delivery system.
  • It uses dynamic pressure sensing(DPS) technology.
  • Here at our clinic, Surgical tooth removal(impaction) is done using Piezo(electric device), which requires less or no removal of bone and the gums covering the tooth.
  • Hence the post operative bleeding, pain and swelling is greatly reduced.

Case presentation of a 23 years old patient:

  • A 23 year old female patient came to our clinic with a chief complaint of severe pain in her lower left side jaw since 3 days, she also had ear pain in the same side.
  • Patient added that she always bite her cheek while chewing in the left side.

On clinical examination:

  • Patient presented with partially erupted wisdom tooth(38) on her left side jaw.
  • Inflamed gums and irritated cheek tissues which turned which turned white due to continues trauma(biting)
  • Root stumps in 37 region

Before treatment picture and x-ray

wisdom teeth


wisdom tooth

Treatment plan:

  • surgical removal of 38(wisdom tooth) and extraction of 37

Treatment done:

  • Surgical removal of 38 under local anesthesia using STA system and piezo and ectraction of 37


Today, clinicians are seeing an increasing number of dentate patients where the dentition is terminal. Patients understand that maintaining a terminal dentition has consequences on the bone. In spite of the increasing number of edentulous or soon to be edentulous patients, there are still patients who refuse full mouth replacement with dental implants, because of the following reasons:

  1. Fear of pain and injections
  2. Multiple appointments and time consuming
  3. Unpredictable results
  4. Cost


Advantages of full mouth replacement in India with digital dentistry:

  1.  Painfree anesthesia .  – STA(computer controlled local anesthetic delivery system)
  2. More accurate and predictable results

– Digital xrays(OPG, CBCT)

– Guided surgery

– Digital impression

  3. Fixed teeth can e given in 3-4 visits

4. Affordable price


full mouth replacement with fixed teeth in India, Chennai


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                                          Patient came to our clinic with the complaint of severe pain in gums and he couldn’t eat and drink properly. Patient was wearing removable denture in his upper and lower teeth which was loose and impinging in his gums and tissues and was also having food accumulation. After complete clinical and radiographic evaluation a comprehensive treatment plan discussed with patient. He was advised removal of all weakened teeth and replacement with best dental implants. Provisional fixed teeth given on 3 rd day of dental implant treatment.


Before treatment

fixed teeth in 3 days in Chennai,India

fixed teeth in 3 days in Chennai,India

fixed teeth in 3 days in Chennai,India



Upper 11 and lower 8 dental implants placed by Keyhole technique

Provisional fixed teeth given on 3rd day of implant treatment


After treatment

fixed teeth with dental implants in Chennai,India

fixed teeth with dental implants in Chennai,India

fixed teeth with dental implants in Chennai,India

fixed teeth with dental implants in Chennai,India

An adult male came to our clinic for teeth whitening treatment. His teeth were fully covered with stains, he embarassed to smile and was avoiding social gatherings. After clinical and digital documentation he was suggested complete teeth cleaning and whitening with bleaching. After treatment pt got confidence to smile again.


Before treatment

teeth whitening center in chennai, mugalivakkam

After  cleaning


After bleaching

teeth whitening center in chennai, mugalivakkam



Before and after treatment photos

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