Painless wisdom tooth removal in Chennai, India.

Wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth to erupt in the oral cavity. They usually erupt between 17-25 years, however they can erupt even after 25 years. Since this is the last tooth to erupt, usually there is no enough space in the mouth for this tooth to erupt. So most of the time […]

fixed teeth with dental implants in India, Chennai

Full mouth replacement with dental implants in India, Chennai

Today, clinicians are seeing an increasing number of dentate patients where the dentition is terminal. Patients understand that maintaining a terminal dentition has consequences on the bone. In spite of the increasing number of edentulous or soon to be edentulous patients, there are still patients who refuse full mouth replacement with dental implants, because of […]

Removable denture replacement with fixed teeth in Chennai,India

                                          Patient came to our clinic with the complaint of severe pain in gums and he couldn’t eat and drink properly. Patient was wearing removable denture in his upper and lower teeth which was loose […]

fixed teeth with dental implants in Chennai,India

Teeth bleaching treatment in Chennai,India

Teeth whitening treatment in Chennai, Mugalivakkam

An adult male came to our clinic for teeth whitening treatment. His teeth were fully covered with stains, he embarassed to smile and was avoiding social gatherings. After clinical and digital documentation he was suggested complete teeth cleaning and whitening with bleaching. After treatment pt got confidence to smile again.   Before treatment After  cleaning […]