Correction of malocclusion

correction of malocclusion
Before the implant may require an operation such as the correction of malocclusion.It is necessary for the correct position of the teeth, which may interfere with the installation of implants. If a patient wants to have beautiful and straight teeth, then correcting their positions to carry out prior to implantation, otherwise implanted artificial root can prevent the displacement of the natural tooth roots.

Types of braces

  • Vestibular: located on the front of the teeth
  • Lingual: arranged on the inner side of the teeth and is not visible when communicating

Correction of malocclusion in SIMPLADENT!

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Vestibular Braces

Vestibular braces are divided into two types: ligature and bezligaturnye (self-ligating). Making braces itself consists of several parts: a plate which is fastened to the teeth, metal arc that connects all of the plates and ligatures or gums, which tighten the arc plate. From time to pull the elastic to create a certain tension for better movement of the teeth.

Metal braces

Metal braces – it is the most inexpensive type of designs for occlusion. They are composed of metal plates that are attached to the teeth, as well as arc that unites them. The undeniable advantages of metal braces – material availability, fast treatment time. The obvious drawbacks – long habit-forming (metal presses on the gums and cheeks, leads to irritation of tissues and at first noticeable change diction), and poor aesthetics. Although these braces are ideal young people because you can change the color of ligatures in the mood.

Ceramic braces

sapphire brackets

Ceramic – one of the most aesthetic braces at an affordable price. The plate is made of ceramic arc of metal. The benefits of these braces – high aesthetics, usability and highly addictive. The disadvantages are reduced to long term treatment (ceramic and metal have a bad connection to one another) and the fragility of the design as ceramic material is thin enough.

Sapphire braces

Sapphire brackets – this is not just a means of correcting the bite, but also a special accessory. These braces are made of artificial sapphire, which in appearance is no different from the natural ones. They also shimmer under the rays of light and create the effect of having decorations on the teeth. These braces look very aesthetically pleasing, getting used to it is quick and painless, duration of treatment – short enough. However, the cost of such structures is much higher than other vestibular braces.

Damon self-ligating braces

Self-ligating braces to date – the most modern, convenient and comfortable design to correct the position of teeth. Their distinctive feature – no ligatures. The result is that the patient does not need to visit your doctor to position the gums. The plates themselves are tightened metal arc as changing the position of the teeth. Outstanding benefits of braces – quick treatment time, high aesthetics, no need for regular visits to the doctor. However, they have a drawback – the high cost.

Incognito Lingual Braces

Lingual braces
Lingual braces – this is the most aesthetic braces of all. Their cost is very high, but the mere fact that they are located on the inner side of the tooth proves their main advantage. Lingual braces are made sufficiently large number of manufacturers, but the most popular brands of braces Incognito, which are created individually for each patient.


Invisalign aligners

dental traysKappa – is clear retainers that are exactly the same shape of the tooth. The effect of their treatment persists for many years, to the same bite correction can be combined with bleaching – placed in a special solution and a mouthguard to wear over time. Change the color of your teeth by several shades! Mouthguards are quite noticeable on the teeth, getting used to it takes place in an extremely short time.

Kappa Treatment consists of several steps – first tooth is removed from the picture, in which a computer generated three-dimensional image of the whole jaw. After that virtually made mouthguards in different sizes, the inside of which changes with the movement of the tooth. After that mouthguards are made on a special machine and are given to a patient with clear recommendations for their use.

Do not forget that the correction of bite – it’s a long process that requires some effort from the patient. Removing braces treatment does not end – to secure the passage of the required retention period, during which you need to wear braces or splints are small.