If you are a foreigner

Mr.Keith, Australia dental implants testimonialIf you are a foreigner, We regularly treat foreign patients not only for dental implant treatment but also also for smile designing,veneers,general dental treatments and for TMJ disorders.We have completed nearly 3000 basal dental implants for both national and international patients.We have clients from Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, USA and European countries.

The first visit

During your first visit to the Best laser dental clinic and implant center,  a dentist-implantologist will examine your mouth , condition of the teeth and your general medical condition.They will colloborate the clinical findings with the xray features.If you don’t have previous xrays we will take a fresh OPG (OPG facitlity available in our clinic).We will make a final treatment plan and discuss that plan in detail with you.Then the dentist discusses about the duration of treatment, number of days needed and the cost involved.The period of dental implantation and fixing the new permanent teeth will depend of your intra-oral condition and the work load of our laboratory technicians. Then, the dentist-implantologist will recommend the implantation method, including their size, shape, number, and so on. Next, we will draw up a contract that specifies an amount and a period of treatment. The period of implantation and prosthesis depend on the workload of our specialists. For our part, we do our best to get all procedures done in the shortest possible time. The first visit to the dentist-implantologist will take about 30- 40 minutes.


You need to have before you come:

    • Orthopantomogram-OPG of both jaws. We require bringing dental X-ray images, DVDs and flash drives;

NOTE: If you cannot take X-ray images of the jaw in your country,we can take OPG  our center at the first visit. 

  • Health certificate from a general practitioner that confirms the absence of diseases, which may prohibit the implantation procedure. If you are under treatment for  any chronic diseases, you need the certificate from attending physician as well;
  • Results of blood tests, such as complete blood count, blood sugar and coagulation, hepatitis A, B and C, HIV, and syphilis;

The second visit: the implantation

         The process of dental implantation can be done in the first visit or second visit,depending on your comfort.

On average, this stage, will take 2-3 hours for full mouth dental implantaion.For one or two implant placement it will take 15-20 minutes.Since flapless implant plaement is followed in our center, the treatment time is shortened very much

We require before the dental implantation procedure

  • протезирование на имплантах2 hours before surgery, you should to eat, except for strong tea, coffee, alcohol, spicy and salty foods.
  • Do not smoke
  • Do not get nervous and take any sedatives, especially those containing alcohol (they can affect the action of anesthesia).
  • We recommend wearing comfortable clothes, because theprocedure  may take about 2 hours
  • A few weeks before the implantation surgery, you should pay special attention to oral hygiene, thoroughly cleaning your teeth, gums and tongue from the dental deposit and food debris after eating.

After the implant procedure

  • протезы на имплантахOn the second day after the procedure, the dentist-implantologist inspects the oral cavity.
  • On the third day, trial fitting of the frame work of future prosthesis
  • On the fourth day, the dentist-implantologist re-examines  tissue healing and checks the finished bridge denture.If everything is perfect and no changes are needed, cementation of the bridge can be done.
  • If any changes are required, the corrections can be done in our laboratory and fixed on the same day or on the next day.
  • On the fifth or sixth day,if  it is possible another check up visit .
  • On departure date, the dentist-implantologist does the final inspection, and you get a list of recommendations for oral care, implants and fixed teetj

Your questions:

What is the procedure for anesthesia ?
     There is no need for general anesthesia as dental implantation is a simple and uncomplicated procedure.The dental implant fixing is done under local anesthesia .We understand the fear and anxiety about dental injections and that is why we STA-Advanced computerised injection technique for achieveing local anesthesia.Not only this anesthetic technique is accurate and also it is completely painless.You wont feel even the prick of the injection.Painless injection guaranteed in our center!

Do I need hospitalization after surgery or special care?

Hospitalization is not required after surgery. You’ll be able to move around the city, as well as from the hospital to the hotel. However, after the surgery,it is better to take rest in hotel. The next day you can go around the city.Mild discomfort will be there for one or two days.There wont be any unbearable pain,so dont worry.. However, we encourage you to come with the close relative who would provide you a proper care, because on the procedure day you will experience fatigue and tiredness.

How my new teeth will look like?

We take extreme care in how your teeth look like…The size, shape and form and color of the new teeth are discussed in detail with you and a esthetically pleasing result is guaranteed in our center.

Can i chew with my new set of teeth?

Yes, definitey.The time has come for you enjoy the dish you love! We follow the international protocol for recording the positons of upper jaw and lower with the help of face bow(ivoclar viadent) and using stratos300(ivoclar vivadent).Using this will help us create a perfect set of new teeth with extreme accuracy so that that teeh will feel natural and also comfortable during chewing –i will send pictures boss

Apart from this, we use T-scan , to refine the bite and adjust the biting surface of new teeth so that eating forces are balanced bilaterally and evenly distributed.So that teeth and implants will come for your life

Can I fly home?

We would not recommend you to take your flight immediately after surgery, especially if you had the implantation surgery in the upper jaw. You may fly back home in a few days after the basal implantation and the classical implantation (in addition, you may consult on this matter with your doctor). After fixing the teeth you can immediately fly.

Where can I stay during treatment?

We offer you a list of hotels, located as close as possible to our dental center. Our clients have already stayed in these hotels and left very positive comments.