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Academy of continuing dental education

WELCOME TO ACDE“Academy of Continuing Dental Education”

The aim of establishing ACDE is to teach, educate young dentists, clinicians in the field of dental implants,especially in immediate loading dental implantology.

Though Dental implants are a simple , safe and highly succesfull treatment method to replace missing teeth, most of the dental clinicians lack the basic knowlege in implantology.This is because , the training imparted to students in undergraduate level is not adequate for them to practice implantology.Understanding the need of the hour and to bridge the lacunae for general practitioner and fresh graduates,Dr.Murgavel has been conducting implant training courses.

This “Immediate loading implantology” course is mentored by DR.MURUGAVEL  and the curriculum bas been designed in a clinically oriented manner keeping in mind the needs of the practitioner today.

For further details regarding course schedule, curriculum contact us on acdechennai@gmail.com  or dr_mrgvl@yahoo.co.in and view our website www.acdeimplants.org.