LASER Gum Treatment

Lasers are advance technology in dentistry used to treat infections in gums which surrounds and supporting the teeth. It is favourable for people who is having fear of pain, bleeding and sutures which involved in conventional gum surgery.


How it works?

  • Laser works by the principle of regeneration rather than resection.
  • the focused laser light removes the infected tissue from underlying connective tissue
  • Laser not only limiting the bacteria but also kills them
  • It reduces pain stimulating cells (prostaglandins)
  • It creates direct attachment of gum tissue with teeth by sealing the periodontal pocket


laser treatment in chennai


Steps in laser gum treatment:

  1. LANAP: Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure

  • Applying topical numbness gel and local anesthesia delivered through no pain (STA) anesthetic machine
  • Complete scaling – removal of plaque and calculus from tooth surface
  • Activated laser fiber optic tip is inserted along the gum surface to remove the infected granulation tissue
  • It stimulates the formation of blood clot, once the blood clot is formed it reattaches the gum tissue to the tooth

2. Biostimulation:

– After lanap the laser light is shown on gum tissue for better healing and faster regeneration

– It melts the dentinal tubules and thus reducing the post operative sensitivity


Number of visits:

  • Laser gum treatment can be completed in single visit
  • Second visit may be needed based on individual situations


Advantages of laser gum treatment over conventional gum surgery:

  • No pain
  • More precise and accurate
  • Greater depth of penetration
  • Minimal bleeding
  • Faster healing
  • No need for sutures
  • No post operative sensitivity


Is laser gum surgery safe?

  • The Nd:Yag laser with the wavelength of 1064 nm is used for laser gum treatment which is within the safer limit
  • It is limited only to infected tissue
  • Lack of collateral damage


Contraindication for laser gum surgery:

Laser gum treatment is contraindicated during pregnancy.


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Case report:

Removal of pyogenic granuloma with laser:

Before treatment

laser gum treatment in chennai

Healing after 2 days

laser gum treatment in chennai