Full mouth dental implants

Full mouth replacement with dental implants in India, Chennai:

                           Many fully edentulous patients tolerate dentures because they have been told that they are not candidates for fixed teeth with dental implants. Patients with a terminal dentition are also told this on daily basis. The reason for this insistence could be anatomical limitations such as pneumatized sinus and severe bone resorption. Most of these patients are afraid to go through these procedures and settle for removable complete dentures. Patients to be understand that maintaining terminal dentition has consequences on the bone.

In recent years with advancements in dentistry there has been a transition from extensive bone graft to less or no bone grafts with basal dental implants which is widely used by dentists in India.


Full mouth replacement is indicated when,

  1. Patient has no teeth (completely edentulous)
  2. Patient lost almost all teeth and only few teeth left (terminal dentition)
  3. Esthetically and functionally poor quality teeth


Strategic basal dental implants:

Basal implants are immediate loading, single piece, smooth surface implants in which fixed teeth can be given in 3-4 days. We are placing  strategic basal implants successfully for most of our patients for more than 13 years.


Advantages of full mouth replacement with dental implants:

  • No waiting time, fixed teeth can be given in 3-4 days
  • Improved chewing efficiency
  • Enhanced appearance, looks and feel like natural teeth
  • Can be placed successfully in less bone or no bone situation
  • No need for sinus lifting and bone grafting
  • Minimally invasive
  • Safe for patients with diabetes
  • Budget friendly compared to other conventional methods
  • No chance for periimplantitis (infection around implant)


Cost of dental implants in India:

                            As dental implants are the peak of modern dentistry, the cost of dental implants  in India are always higher than the non surgical teeth replacement methods like removable dentures and bridges. In long term, dental implants are the only solution to put an end of your ongoing dental issues for decades. Patients can experience a more comfortable and stable prosthesis which will leads to improved quality of life.



full mouth dental implants in India,Chennai



full mouth dental implants in India,Chennai


cost of dental implants in India, Chennai



cost of dental implants in India, Chennai


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