Basal dental implants in chennai

3.BOI implants require surgical technique to place implants. BCS implants can be placed by flapless or keyhole surgical procedure is NOT necessary. BASAL Implants – BOI Implants and Basal screws – bone grafts are history! 

About the basal dental implants methodology:
Basal dental implant system is completely new and revolutionary method of giving fixed teeth by implants. It is completely different from the the conventional dental implantology. These implants can be placed without the need for bone grafts and augmentations even in the most complicated situations.
After the invent of this basal implant systems, it became possible to restore lost teeth,even when they are completely absent.And it became possible to give fixed teeth in 3-4 days after implant placement.This basal implant stimulates the underlying bone and restores the natural bone structure during chewing.This is different from wearing removable dentures ..during which time the bone resorbs.After basal implant , the patient can return to normal life in 3-4 set of fixed teeth

Types of basal implants.
There are two basic types of basal implants
1. Basal osseointegrated implants or BOI implants
2.BCS -basal cortical implants

Unique things about basal dental implants:
1.Basal implants have special form and shape that allow them to place even in areas of deficient bone.
2.Basal implants are placed and treatment finished in single visit to the implantologist in a less traumatic way ..compared to traditional implantology.
3.Basal implants help the patients to get the fixed teeth in 3-4 days and to chew food immediately after the treatment.
4.Saves lot of time and saves lot of visits..compared to traditional implant methods
5.Avoids multiple injections and multiple surgical procedures
6.Avoids complicated and expensive and time consuming sinus lift procedures.

Advantages of Basal implants:
1.They are suitable for almost any patients.Implants for everyone is our motto
2.Implant placement is possible in severe gum infection/periodontitis patient also..with good healing
3.Synthetic bone grafts are needed
4.The periimplantitis..which is a common cause of implant failures is not present in basal implants
5.Diabetic patients can treated with this implants with excellent healing
6.Smokers can be benefited by this basal implants
7.Basal implants can be installed immediately after tooth separate injection procedure for implants placement is not necessary
8.Doctors work becomes greatly reduced so this system is more economical than traditional implants
9.The risk of injection and rejection for basal implants are nil

Stages of Basal implantation:
1.Preparation of the patient and mouth
2.Giving local anesthesia by STA-Computerised injection system..accurate and absolutely painless
3.Painless extraction of planned teeth
4.Implant placement by flapless method or keyhole method
5.Checking the position and accuracy of implants by digital opg-dental X-ray
6.Taking impresssion by the prosthetic specialist
7.Accurately recording the upper jaw and lower jaw position by give accurate bite of new teeth
8.In the second day or third day tryin of frame work of new teeth
9.Perfect new teeth either PFM-ceramic or Zirconium will be fixed on 3rd or 4thd ay
10.Fine tuning of the bite and bite forces and balancing both the side of your jaw will be done T-SCAN