Steps for clear aligners

Steps for clear aligners:


Its starts with the smile scan..


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  • Complete clinical evaluvation and digital documentation ( digital photographs, digital impression and digital x-rays)
  • No uncomfortable moulding
  • Doctor will record your precise teeth impression using intra oral 3D digital scanner
  • CAD-CAM processing of digital records by lab
  • Treatment plan discussion with final treatment outcome photos which is designed by lab
  • Delivery of clear aligner trays


3D digital imaging:

  • Digital 3 D scanner allows your doctor and lab for accurate and treatment planning and designing customised clear trays
  • The algoriythm helps to calculate right amount of force for every tooth movement
  • The software ensures that every tooth moves in the right order and at the right time

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Duration of clear aligners:

  • We can achieve faster results compared to regular braces
  • Clear aligners duration depends on complexity of teeth alignment and number of clear aligners required
  • Average treatment duration 8 – 14 months
  • Clear aligners to be wear 22 hours a day for two weeks, it may vary depends on individual teeth alignment and teeth movement



How can I maintain Invisible braces:

* Clean your clear aligners before use with water and soap

* Do not use hot water or paste

* When not using keep it in a box safely

* You can remove clear aligners when eating

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